Popularity Of Rummy In India

by Sakshijain


Indian people are very sporty and love to play sports whether it is out door game or in door game. One of the popular in door game for Indians is Indian Rummy. In India Rummy is also known as PAPALU , generally in Maharashtra State. People are used to play rummy in trains , kitty parties or in clubs, so we can say that every age group is enjoying this wonderful game. Rummy is not new for card players , people are playing the rummy game from many decades. Playing rummy is very easy and easily understood and if you know how to play card games then you will quickly learn 13 cards game.

Usually, Rummy is played for the small pile and it is a docile form of gambling but create no harm. Many people are used to play Rummy game every day and did not mind losing a piece of paper (money). As we all know that gambling is illegal,therefore in many clubs and casino people use tokens instead of money for playing Rummy. This game can be started with 2 people or maximum 10 players can play this game.

Nowadays the online rummy game is also popular and favourite pass time of many people. If you don't know how to play rummy game online then you can take reference of many portals that describe playing tricks of rummy game. There are many articles which will give you the full knowledge about the rummy game. So before started playing rummy, make yourself an expert and learn the basic terminology of the rummy game.